Review – Bedroom Farce, The Rose Theatre Kingston, 10/11/09

The revival of Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn has arrived at The Rose Theatre, Kingston and sadly this insight into suburban marriage leaves you wanting to return to your own bed, annoyed you bothered to leave it in the first place. In a season aptly named “Behind Closed Doors”, the Rose Theatre offers its audience a selection of plays that explore British married life and lack of communication within them.  Unfortunately, it is this offer that entirely isolates certain audience members who do not fit into this predominantly white, married, middle class and middle aged world with which the play is centred around. (more…)

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Review – Category B, The Tricycle Theatre, 16/11/09

Corruption, loyalty and terrorization: these themes resonate within the prison drama Category B, currently playing at The Tricycle Theatre. In a season named “Not Black and White”, playwright Roy Williams along with Kwame Kewi-Armah and Bola Agbaje are showcasing their new writing in order to, amongst other reasons, reflect the complexities of a culturally diverse 21st Century London. (more…)

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Review – Enron, Royal Court, 29/10/09

Jeffrey Skilling, the former President of Enron approaches the audiences in an embarrassing orange jumpsuit and explains: “I’m not a bad man.  I’m not an unusual man.  I just wanted to change the world”.  In Enron, Writer Lucy Prebble perceptively explores Skilling’s determination to change corporate America, whilst Director Rupert Goold (Six Characters in search of an author), brings its infamous crash to life in his Royal Court directorial debut.  After Enron’s hugely successful run at The Chichester Festival Theatre, it was welcomed to the Royal Court, London on 17th September with a superb cast that include Samuel West, Tim Pigott-Smith and Amanda Drew. (more…)

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I HATE that I LOVE musicals!!


As I walk into The Gershwin Theatre  New York, I feel such a huge amount of guilt.  My inner self is screaming “Laura!  You can’t be serious?!  Wicked?? You know it will be so obnoxious and have a nauseating moral centre about friendships and rainbows.” I quickly reassure myself, believing i’ll be the cynical one sitting back in my seat, half detesting the show, half laughing at the saps who are crying at Defying Gravity.  Now lets cut to the end of the show, as the lights come up and I turn to my friend who “dragged me there” with tears of happiness streaming down my face.  Dammit!! 


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Review – Our Class, National Theatre, 12/10/09

Two weeks after the opening of Our Class at the Cottesloe Theatre, prominent Polish director and playwright Tadeusz Slobodzianek still manages to engage a full house.  The play has premiered at the National rather than in Warsaw, as its material was deemed too distressing and painful for it to premiere in its home country.  Based upon true events that took place in the small town of Jedwabne Poland, the play reveals the violent conflict between Catholics and Jews which spans from pre war 1925 to modern day 2002. (more…)

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Review – Avenue Q, Gielgud Theatre, 05/10/09

Laura King reviews ‘Avenue Q’ which reopened at The Geilgud Theatre on 1st June 2009

Writer Jeff Whitty’s Avenue Q promises a riotous night of obscenity, political incorrectness and hilarity through its mixture of actors and horny puppets trying to make ends-meet in the fictional street of Avenue Q.  It’s reopening suggests to newcomers that this is a musical that delivers.  This assumption, however, is questionable and one cannot help but feel rather disappointed with its overall message.


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